Covid Safety


COVID 19 Guidelines form AISKF Karate classes.

As the world faces a pandemic of global scale which none of us has ever seen before, COVID-19 has caused much tragedy around the globe resulting in schools, businesses and dojos to close. During this time, it's essential to follow all the guidelines of the World Health Organisation / Municipal corporation / Indian Government and take all necessary precautions for you and your family.

Sensei Amit Khatri always said the "F" in AISKF means Family and created a global family. Now is the time you must come together in the true spirit of Karate-Do and help and support each. Please take the time to contact the elderly and vulnerable who are feeling very anxious during this time. Please gather supplies or anything they need so they can protect themselves.

In line with the government guidelines for reopening sports club & studios and private place facilities in INDIA, The following guidelines which we will be implementing.

All students (or parents) and instructors will be asked before coming to class:
In the previous 14 days have you:

  • Had any COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Been in contact with any confirmed/suspected COVID-19 case?
  • Travelled internationally?

  1. We have discussed with venue management their requirements, working with them to ensure the safety of everyone we bring to classes.
  2. Students and instructors will be expected to wash or sanitise their hands, on arrival and after touching any communal equipment.
  3. The number of students permitted indoors will depend on the size of the studio or hall, given that 2 metres social distance is recommended to maximise the safety and wellbeing of our members. However, in line with government guidelines, we can reduce the distance to 1-metre plus where space is more limited.
  4. Class sizes will be reduced where needed. The number of students determined safe, will be based on social distancing guidelines, space available and any additional practicalities, e.g., number of instructors.
  5. We will be providing an online booking service to find out numbers of students attending per class and take advanced payments to minimise social contact in class and maintain social distancing.
  6. Where possible, one door for entrance and another for exit.
  7. Spectators will be limited to only one parent per child/children to come to class. Drop off and pick up where appropriate, otherwise please wait in your car or in a well-ventilated area away (if available) from the class at a 2 metre or 1 metre plus distance from other parents.
  8. 5 minutes will be allowed between classes to avoid groups waiting outside during changeover.
  9. We will use floor markings where possible to maintain social distance between students. This might be particularly helpful for younger students.
  10. We will ensure adequate ventilation before, during and after class and speak to halls about opening fire exit doors in large halls (some have alarms).
  11. Students must not share personal equipment, pads, mitts etc
  12. All corrections to technique will be verbal.
  13. No physical touch – hugs, shaking hands, high fives, fist bumps and so on.
  14. We will be providing hand sanitiser and encouraging students to bring their own too.
  15. Hands must be washed or sanitised after handling cash.
  16. We will keep a register of anyone attending the class (as always)
  17. Any equipment used will be thoroughly disinfected before, during and after sessions, such as desk and contactless reader.
  18. Students will be allowed to bring a sealed water bottle into class as hydration is essential while exercising.
  19. Students should come to class in their gi(karate suit) and change once they return home.
  20. Sparring and partner work will only be allowed between members of the same household.
  21. Membership/license book’s to be marked by student at home when they attend class.
  22. Kiai’s will be reduced to a low level and not the usual shout.
  23. Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask to and from Karate if they wish or are required to, however as stated in the government guidelines for providers of grassroot sports they are not recommended during karate.
“All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician.”

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