Fitness Boot Camp

A Fitness bootcamp workout is a high-intensity, structured workout modelled after military-style training. Bootcamp workouts use High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to help you lose weight and get in shape and they’re designed to work every muscle in your body. Bootcamps include cardiovascular, strength, endurance, and flexibility drills. Bootcamp workouts combine strength and bodyweight exercises (lunges, squats, push ups) with cardio that’s designed to get your heart pounding. And they often begin and end with stretching.

  • Bootcamp Workouts Provide Better, Faster Results
  • It’s a Huge Confidence Builder
  • You’ll Work Every Muscle Group
  • Exercise Makes You Happy

    A boot camp in the area of fitness is a type of physical training program usually conducted by a personal trainer or other such fitness expert; however, it is usually not held within a traditional fitness centre, gymnasium, or other physical fitness area but instead generally outdoors and oftentimes in a militaristic environment. The concept of fitness boot camp is based on the military's basic training, which is commonly called “boot camp.” It generally involves a mixture of traditional calisthenics and body-weight exercises, along with interval training, strength training, and other exercise training routines.

    Bootcamp doesn’t just focus on exercise though, it goes deeper. It also focuses on proper diets and food choices. And getting involved in a bootcamp is great because you have a group you’re working with. This can motivate you to keep up your routine and that means your bad habits will be a thing of the past. Bootcamp is for everyone. Young, old, male, female, skinny, fat – you can get a great workout, great motivation, and great health out of bootcamp workouts.

    1. Bootcamp Workouts Provide Better, Faster Results

    Because of the focus on HIIT workouts and the high-paced, intense speed of bootcamp workouts, you’re almost guaranteed to see results faster than you would with any other workout style or program. From a purely physical standpoint, you’re going to torch those calories. You’re moving constantly and you’re doing it quickly – which burns major calories. You can even expect to burn up to 600 calories during one hour-long session. Bootcamp workouts are designed to drive results no matter what your body type. And with the previously mentioned additional focus on diet and lifestyle changes, you’re going to keep seeing those results.

    2. It’s a Huge Confidence Builder

    Bootcamp workouts help build confidence. That feeling you get when you finish the hardest workout of your life and your clothes are drenched in sweat? That’s a self-esteem boost. That’s a confidence boost. Plus, each bootcamp workout is going to be a challenge. So, when you keep overcoming those challenges, again and again, you’re going to see your confidence and self-esteem skyrocket. Pushing yourself through this workout time and time again is going to do something for you mentally. It’s going to push you to believe that you really can do this and improve.

    3. There’s No Such Thing As ‘I Can’t’

    That push to keep going? When you are losing it the instructor is there to pick it up for you. So there’s no such thing as “I can’t” in a bootcamp workout. These classes push you past both your mental and physical. No matter your fitness level, there’s no room for slacking. You keep going no matter what. And your instructor is there to make sure that you do.

    You’ll surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. And you’ll delight yourself too. And it helps a ton to have someone there telling you that you can do something you think you can’t. our instructor is going to be one of the biggest benefits of a bootcamp workout. And they’ll help you turn your “I can’t” into an “I can”.

    4. You’ll Work Every Muscle Group

    The high-intensity interval training (HIIT) of boot camp workouts means that you’re working more than just one muscle group. In fact, you’re working your entire body.This means that muscles in every single muscle group are going to get a workout. And they’re going to get toned. Why? Because the goal of a bootcamp workout isn’t just improvement in one area. The goal is improvement in all areas. And with the bodyweight workouts that you’re doing – squats, lunges, pushups, and more – you’re going to soon find that every single muscle you got is growing and toning up.

    5. It’s A Social Activity Too

    The reason so many people fail to keep up their New Year’s Resolution of losing weight and getting fit is that there’s no one to hold them accountable. When you go to bootcamp you become part of a team – and often, in the exercises, instructors break you up into two or three-person teams. And in so doing they encourage competitions between the different teams in the classes to reach daily goals.

    You know what that means? Social engagement isn’t just accepted – it’s encouraged! You make friends and that holds you accountable. It’s a lot harder to skip a workout when you know that your team is going to be in class and they’re going to be counting on you.

    6. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!

    It’s not just a focus on muscles. There’s a lot of cardio in there too. Bootcamp aims to get your heart rate up and to keep that heart pumping. This is going to help build stamina and endurance.

    Cardio is a great way to burn calories. And getting your heart rate up means that you’re going to increase your cardiovascular strength and health. All good things!

    Plus, the mix of the cardio with the strength training means that you’re going to be well on your way to losing weight.

    7. You’ll Get A Diet Makeover

    Bootcamp isn’t just about exercise. It’s about making over your life to help you stick with it so that you can continue to see results and achieve your goals. One of the important parts of bootcamp workouts is the diet and nutrition advice. Bootcamp workouts are a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. You don’t just get one or the other – you get them both. Bootcamp instructors provide nutritional guides and often provide nutritional advice as well. They teach you how to eat well and how to optimize your diet to get the most you can out of the workouts. This whole-life approach will keep you from backsliding or undoing all of the hard work that you do in class.

    8. Exercise Makes You Happy

    As it is with any workout, exercise releases endorphins. The bootcamp workout will help decrease stress and will release that feel-good chemical in your brain to help improve your mood. Plus, the fun you have working with your team members and working out with your friends will make you happier as well. It’s a huge mood boost to get to work out with people you like and admire. Bootcamp workouts are doubly designed to get that mood improved.

    9. It’s Never Ever Going to Be Boring

    I mean, let’s get real. Getting bored with your fitness routine is a very real and very likely possibility. Especially if you’re spending 45 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical, staring at the wall or screen straight in front of you and begging for each minute to go by faster, faster, faster.

    Bootcamp workouts do away with that possibility. A bootcamp workout is never going to be boring because you never know what you’re going to get. Every class is different and you never know what you’re going to do until the instructor tells you. No two classes are the same. Plus, you’re constantly moving between exercises which doesn’t leave you a lot of time to get bored. If you’re someone who gets bored easily with your workout then trying a bootcamp workout is definitely a good idea. It’ll change the way you view the gym.

    10. You’re Signing Up for Long-Term Fitness

    Bootcamp workouts are addictive. Once you start, the mental and physical benefits mean you won’t want to stop. You’ll keep going back for more.

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